KKSG & Associates, Inc., is a nimble TPA in comparison to our competition. Our size and responsiveness ensures our team is always accessible for total client satisfaction. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to solve each employer's unique problems. We are dedicated to developing a business partnership that achieves our mutual goal; lower workers' compensation and unemployment cost.

Columbus Team Members

  • Greg Georgic


    Greg with over 40 years experience began work as a claims examiner in 1979, was CEO/President of Davis &Assoc in 1985 & then at Acordia in same position. Gregs focus is always on Customer Service, Claims Administration & Cost Control for all of our clients

  • Lori Blaser

    Self Insured Department Manager

    Lori has experience in the Workers' Compensation industry since 1980, and is Manager of the Self Insurance Department and takes a pro-active approach to effective cost control and client service.

  • Courtney Glover

    Senior Account Executive

    Courtney has worked in the Worker's Comp industry for over 25 years, 21 of which were with the same employer who was Self Insured & Self Administered. She has multi-state experience in administering self-insured claims as well as OSHA record keeping.

  • Dan Kress

    Self Insured Account Executive

    Dan returned to KKSG in August 2004 after 4 1/2 years at one of our Self Insured clients as a Workers’ Comp Coordinator for many different States. He has been in the Workers Comp business since 1994 and is currently an Account Exec in our Self Insured Dept

  • Terrella Lee-De-Carlo

    Self Insured Account Executive

    Terrella has experience in the Workers’ Compensation industry since 2001. She has experience as a Medical Secretary in a hospital and in a doctors office and currently works as an Account Executive in the Self Insured Department at KKSG.

  • Chris Penwell

    State Fund Rate Analyst

    Chris one of our first employees is our Rating Analyst and has experience in the Workers' Compensation industry since 1992. Chris is a dedicated client service employee that treats each and every phone call as she would her own family.

  • Scott Stephens

    State Fund Account Executive

    Scott an Account Executive in the State Fund Department, has experience in the Workers' Compensation industry since 1993. Scott received a BS in Business Administration and Political Science from Heidelberg College.

  • Lisa Weaver

    State Fund Account Executive

    Lisa joined KKSG in 2018 as support staff in our State Fund dept and is now a State Fund Account Exec. Previously worked as a Hearing Rep & Account Executive at Davis & Assoc and Acordia beginning in 1992 & has a BA in Business Psychology from Miami Univ

  • Amie Wells

    Self Insured Account Executive

    Amie joined KKSG in July of 2012 and she has almost 12 years of experience in the industry and 7 years of previous experience at Careworks MCO. Amie is very detail oriented and resourceful, therefore, a great fit for Self Insured claims representation.

  • Claudia Perfors

    State Fund Account Executive

    Claudia has been in the industry since 1993 and has certification as a national workers compensation claims law specialist. Previously worked as Director of claims management and hearing services at FSSC.

Lakewood Team Members

Main office
  • Art Stehlik

    Vice President

    Art received a BS in Chemistry from Mount Union College and a Masters in Education from Miami University of Ohio. He began his career in Workers' Comp as a Sales Rep in 1979 with Industrial Advisors. In 1999 founded KKSG with his partners

  • Barb Fox

    Retro Account Executive

    Barb joined KKSG in 2002 and is an Account Executive in the State Fund department. She manages state fund accounts in all of the state fund plans: merit rated, group, group retro, and individual retro.

  • Mike Carey

    Retro Account Executive & Hearing Representative

    Mike is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio. He has been an Account Executive since 1995 administering both State Fund and Self Insured claims. He has extensive experience in claims management and hearing representation

  • Jeff Lodge

    Self Insured Account Executive

    Jeff started with KKSG in 2008 and began his workers comp career at Industrial Advisors Bureau in 1994 working in-house at LTV Steel. He continues to work in the industry specializing in self insured claims admin and is a graduate of Ashland College

  • Bob Mitchell

    State Fund and Unemployment Manager

    Bob has been with the KKSG/IAB team since 1991 managing both Workers' and Unemployment Compensation. He has a BS Degree from David Myers University and was Litigation Paralegal prior with several major law firms

  • Sheila Rodgers

    Self Insured Account Executive

    Sheila Rodgers is an Account Executive in our Self Insured department. Sheila has experience in the Workers' Compensation industry since 1990 with all aspects of Self Insured claim administration

  • Denise Rovito

    Support Specialist

    Denise Rovito started with KKSG in October 2005, is our receptionist, and assists in our Self-Insured Department

  • Sherri Scott

    State Fund Account Executive

    Sherri is a State Fund Account Executive with over 25 years experience in various aspects of workers’ compensation including PEOs, Group, Group Retro, Deductible, and Retrospective rating plans. Sherri is a graduate of Chancellor University.

  • Vicki Smigelski

    Self Insured Manager

    Vicki comes to KKSG as our Self Insured Manager and has experience in the Workers' Compensation industry since 1986. Vicki is very active in local civic affairs and contributes to the community as she contributes to the office and our clients

  • Karen Stieg

    Self Insured Account Executive & System Administrator

    Karen joined KKSG in 2004 and is an Account Executive in the Self Insured depart and provides support with System Administration. She began her career in the Workers' Compensation industry at Industrial Advisors Bureau in 1993.

  • Terri Thompson

    State Fund Account Executive

    Terri joined KKSG in 2004 and prior to coming to KKSG she was a Human Resource Manager for 11 years. She manages State Fund accounts in all of the state fund plans: merit rated, group, group retro and Individual retro.

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