KKSG provides complete workers' compensation administration and cost control services for state funded employers, self-insured employers, retro-rated employers, and group discount employer members.  We also provide services in unemployment compensation administration.

We also provide services in unemployment compensation administration.

Our third-party workers compensation administrative services consist of assisting employers in identifying and utilizing the most effective workers' compensation coverage option and providing professional guidance for day to day administration of the selected option. Claim activity is monitored and proactive intervention is initiated to minimize direct and indirect cost. Monthly loss runs include an evaluation of trends and highlight activity that must be controlled to achieve the maximum cost reduction and savings. Annually, the rates are audited to identify errors made by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and formal protests are filed. We represent our clients before the Ohio BWC and Industrial Commission to assure the maximum potential for success.

Our unemployment service consists of full management of claims from the initial filing through the hearing process and conclusion of the claim, including monitoring monthly charges.  We also offer Rate Analysis each year evaluating cost saving options such as Voluntary Contributions and Common Rate Groupings.  Our unemployment staff has over 30 years of experience in unemployment.

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