self insured services


 KKSG & Associates Workers’ Compensation Services

  1. Assist in the preservation and maintenance of your self insured status. 
  2. Review, document, and process for payment all valid claim applications or requests for benefits.
  3. Provide opinions relative to the compensability of questionable claim applications.
  4. Calculate full and average weekly wage, and weekly compensation benefit amounts. Document these calculations for employer, injured worker and BWC. 
  5. Pay all appropriate compensation to injured worker promptly.
  6. Set appropriate reserves on all claims with consistent review and adjustment.
  7. Assist in obtaining outside investigation of alleged incidents, or questionable activity during payment of compensation claims.
  8. Prepare all forms and documents for filing with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or the Industrial Commission as required in a timely manner.
  9. File timely response to Bureau inquiries.
  10. Recommendmedical examinations for opinions relative to the extent and degree ofdisability and excessive medical treatment.
  11. Monitor the advisability of rehabilitation services in all appropriate injury cases.
  12. Review activity, benefits paid, potential liability and report the results through the Management Information System. 
  13. Provide a narrative report and description of all claims generating a potential liability of $50,000 or more.
  14. Develop an appropriate mechanism for the payment of benefits consistent with your corporate policies and conforming with Industrial Commission and Bureau rules.

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